Simplify Your Finances

With all your accounts in one place, Sprout gives you the tools to make managing your budgets & bills a breeze.  


We're Building Canada's 

Definitive Personal Money Management Tool

Guided Solutions

We're with you every step of the way. Through analyzing your data, giving you recommendations and setting you up for success.

Simple Design

We've designed Sprout for maximum simplicity. If you've used an online banking app you will find this pleasantly delightful. 


You can use Sprout on any phone. IOS or Android we do it all. 

Actionable Inights

Everyone does insights but we make them come to life. In our eyes an insight isn't worth much unless you can use it. 

What Can Sprout Do?


Set budgets across bank accounts & credit cards. We'll track everything for you and use Smart Notifications to keep you updated.

Smart Review

Surprisingly easy and fun to dive deep into your finances. Easily create budgets​ to answer, "How much should I be spending?"

Pin bills and ​recurring ​payments ​to answer "How much can I safely spend?​ Forgot you were paying for that? Never again.

360° View

All your accounts in one place. Finally.

Smart Notifications

Actionable Insights when you want them, where you want them.

Updates, reminders & more! Have them sent through text, push or email.

EQ Tracker

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

If you've ever asked yourself "Why did I buy that?" You're going to love our EQ Tracker. 

Review how your purchases made you feel to learn what things you spend money on make you happy and more importantly which ones don't.

Bills and Payments

Have any bills or payments to make? Of course you do! Never miss a bill or payment again.

Watch that credit score go up and say goodbye to Monday's surprise car payment.


Insights that delight.

Ever ask yourself, "Where did my money go?"

We categorize all of your spending & show you your money trends.

You'll know where it's going and when it's going. 

What People Are Saying

I love Sprout! This App has been awesome helping me understand my spending. Setting notifications is easy and keeps me under budget everytime. I don't want to see what message I get if I go over budget! lol.


I never budgeted because I hated spreadsheets. I hated spreadsheets so I never budgeted. It was a vicious circle.

Sprout has made budgeting insanely simple. Choose a categories, set limits, set notifications & done. Well done Sprout team.


Having the Sprout team In-App is very helpful. It's nice knowing someone is always there for me. As for the App I like the swiping review, it's just like Tinder. Super easy to use.


Best financial App I've used in a looooong time. It's now a staple in knowing what's coming up for the week. Having all my accounts in one place is a huge time saver.

I don't even have to log into my online banking anymore. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.


Bank Where You Want

We’re redefining personal money management. We think you should have access to great tools that help manage your spending, make it easier to save money and hit your financial goals regardless of where you bank. That’s why we are proud to say we connect to 99% of banks and credit unions in North America. 

We Are Not A Bank

We believe the financial system should be simple, collaborative, and focused on helping you make good financial decisions to live a great life. That’s what we’re all about. We don’t make money by finagling our users or with quick-talking jibber-jabbers. 

How is my data secured? 

Privacy & Security is our #1 priority. So we dedicated a whole page to it. Click Here Learn More About How We Keep Your Data Safe.

Simplify Your Finances

With all your accounts in one place,

Sprout makes life more affordable. 



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