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Is Sprout a bank?

We are not a bank. We connect to your bank through secured protocols and aggregate your financial data to provide our service.

Why do you charge a fee?

Our promise is to provide exceptional service & to build great products to give you the power, skills & confidence to handle your finances better.  By charging a fee for our service your can rest assured we’re always focused on fulfilling that promise.

We also don’t sell your data. Not cool. We also don’t have ads. Also not cool.

Do you help with investing?

We are currently working with partners to offer a full suite of financial solutions. That includes Investing, Loans, Mortgages, Bank accounts, Insurance & More.

How are you different than Mint?

Mint allows you to connect multiple accounts but that’s where the similarity ends. We are focused on being there with you everyday to make sure you are making all the right moves to hit your financial goals. 

We’re also the only company focused on trying to get you a full picture of your finances along with the tools to use that allow you to build better financial habits and make better financial decisions.

Is Sprout available worldwide?

Currently Sprout only supports accounts in Canada & the USA. We hope to expand to other countries in the future. 

We believe that your experience begins before you even download our App and even when you aren't using it.  Our commitment is to continually improve that experience through technology & people. 


- Matt Hernandez, Founder / CEO


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