Security & Fraud Detection

At Sprout we take security seriously. A one of a kind App means one of a kind security. 

We use industry standard encryption like your bank uses to protect your data. For added security we employ multiple layers and advanced security protocols that work simultaneously to ensure your data is always safe. 

Around the clock monitoring

We know hackers never sleep so our security doesn’t either. We constantly monitor our systems provide you with the ultimate protection for your financial data. 

Fraud Detection

We use advanced systems to match your information to your financial institution for maximum fraud prevention. That means hackers can’t use tricks against us to pretend to be you.  




We believe that your experience begins before you even download our App and even when you aren't using it.  Our commitment is to continually improve that experience through technology & people. 


- Matt Hernandez, Founder / CEO


Simplify Your Finances

With all your accounts in one place, Sprout makes life convenient and more affordable. 



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